Creative ways to spend time with your child

  • PublishedNovember 6, 2019

A parent-child relationship while intimate, can still be like any other relationship. Developing a healthy relationship with your child thus requires time and effort. Failure to indulge your child can lead to an estranged relationship. As a result, a lot of parents in this day and age are strangers to their children. This however doesn’t mean becoming more of a friend than a parent. Finding a balance between being the figure of authority and source of guidance should be the goal. Spending time together is an important step towards this goal. Children however have a very short attention span. You thus have to be inventive in how you engage with them. Here are some creative ways to do so.

Make paper planes

Paper planes have to be one of the oldest play items. It is engaging, educational and a pretty creative way to spend time together. If you have a pile of paper lying around the house, build a fleet of paper planes. You can then fly them across the house or in the backyard. As fun as these activities are they also teach the kids valuable lessons. The time spent on making these planes teaches the importance of patience and the satisfaction that comes with building something from the ground up. This activity also improves their motor skills.

Write a story

Allocate a specific amount if time and let them explore their imagination. While they write the story give them creative freedom. It doesn’t have to be on a specific topic. This will help you learn about what your child likes and even how they see themselves.

Make a fort

Make a fort using items around the house for example, blankets. This allows the kids to express their ideas by dictating how the fort should look. They also learn how to work with other people whether it’s with you or their siblings.

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