Walk barefoot in the sand

Holidaying on the beach? Take advantage of the beach to shape up your body and soul. According to Belgian researchers, walking barefoot in the sand burns around three times more calories than strolling on land, and wakes up underused muscles in your feet and legs. Every time your foot hits the sand, it creates a small depression, meaning your leg muscles have to work harder to push upwards and forwards for the next step. So start your day at the beach with a nice stroll – it’s good for your body and soul.

Avoid the keyboard bug

The keyboard, especially one that is shared, can harbour up to 10 million germs! Yes, 10 million. Not to mention all the crumbs, fluff and skin cells that collect under the keys. Some office computer keys can contain more bacteria than a toilet seat, so sharing keyboards could be one way infections are spread among co-workers. One solution is to ensure you disinfect your keyboard every day as this will reduce and kill bugs. Buy a good keyboard cleaner from any computer shop. Also, regularly disinfect your hands with a hand steriliser after using the computer.

Hold the coffee 

If you are having a burger and fries lunch, hold the coffee and coke! Drinking a caffeine-rich drink after a high-fat meal, even hours later, can send your blood sugar levels soaring to diabetic heights, according to research from the University of Guelph in Canada. The researchers found high-fat foods suppress hormones that signal the pancreas to release blood-sugar-stabilising insulin. When coffee is drunk after the meal, the effect doubles, raising blood sugar levels up to 65 per cent. High blood sugar can take its toll on your organs and increase diabetes risk. So hold the coffee and have water or any other caffeine-free drink after your nyama choma or other high fat foods.

Published in November 2015