Director of Criminal investigations, George Kinoti and Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinett have been sued for allegedly defying a court order which suspended the use of mug shots of suspects on social media.

In a petition filed in court by Bunge la Wananchi, a lobby group, the duo should be jailed for deliberate breach of court orders issued last year.

In December last year, the High Court gave an order barring them from posting suspects mug shots on social media, “more specifically on the DCI Facebook and Twitter page.”

According to Bunge la Mwananchi group president Henry Namiti Shitanda, the DCI and IG should be committed to civil jail for defying the court order. Shitanda further argued that the suspects have a right to privacy, a right that has so far been ignored.

However, both are yet to comply with the order, with the latest mug shot shared by DCI being that of Robert Chesang’s murder suspects.

The court directed that Kinoti and Boinett appear in court on 20th May for submissions.