Diaper duty made easy in 6 steps- Tips for new moms

Babies can be fussy when you want to change their diapers or they may think of it as playtime and risk creating a mess. Here are six ways to help

Diaper duty made easy in 6 steps- Tips for new moms
  • PublishedFebruary 11, 2022

Babies can be fussy when you want to change their diapers or they may think of it as playtime and risk creating a mess.

Here are six ways to help you navigate the changing process easily.

1. Have numerous changing stations

Get rid of the solo diaper changing station idea. This will only work well when you are in the nursery-and it might not be often. You can put up a few aesthetically-pleasing boxes around your house with some diapers, toys and ointment. This will help your child feel more comfortable because the diaper can be changed anywhere, quite literally.

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2.Before the baby comes, familiarize yourself with diapering

Before the baby comes along, you might think that you have a lot on your hands with work and other life responsibilities. However, once the baby comes, the work load will be magnified. Because of this, you should practice changing diapers before the due date. It will help you get used to what should be done and when it should be done. You can use a stuffed animal for practice. Also, do not forget to involve your partner in the process because they will need to change the baby at some point.

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3. Go for leak-free diapers

To make changing diapers easy, without too much fuss and messiness, you will need to purchase diapers that will not leak. Make sure you get the right size too because if they are too small, they will hurt the baby. If they are big, then they might leak too. Consult your doctors or other mothers to know the right size to buy, and the right leak-free diapers that are available near you.

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4.Stay calm

You can expect some screaming, kicking,or even a mess from time to time. However, it is important to remain as calm as you can be despite the circumstances. When you stay calm, it has a calming effect on the child and even the stressful circumstance. Take deep breaths to release some tension, giggle and laugh when the child is being a little fussy, and continue changing them. That is not the right time to pick them and calm them down, because it will only make the entire process longer and even more tedious.

5. Ensure your diaper-changing stations are safety-proof

When it comes to children, you can never be too careful or too safe. Ensure that the station is clean and that it is a flat surface. Make sure that there is everything you need to change the baby in the station so that you don’t leave your child unattended. Avoid leaving powders and creams open and where the child can easily access them. They are likely to ingest the chemicals or inhale them. Try containing them in zip lock bags or any other safety bag to avoid accidents.

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6. Craft distractions

As a parent, you will need to hastily learn the significance of mastering distraction. One of the most convenient times to use your distraction mastery techniques is when you are changing diapers. You can have a physical distraction for the child such as a toy that they can play with. Another way is to maintain eye contact with them as you sing. It will keep them calm and distracted enough for the changing process to be over.

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Getting used to changing diapers can be tricky for new mothers, but everything gets better with practice. After a few more tries, you will have mastered your craft and how to handle your baby when they start kicking.

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