Abigail Waka

Yes. I fully support the idea. Some women have very painful periods hence disrupting their work routine. A lot of them don’t concentrate on their jobs during that time of the month meaning they become less productive. Giving them leave days will help them. The government should also consider it.

Victoria Mulea

Instead of having periods leave, companies should offer flexible leave policies for all workers in the organisation, so that people can take leave when they are sick, no matter the reason. This will help to get rid of discrimination. I fear if companies are forced to implement it, they may be biased while employing as some employers may avoid giving women jobs.

Grace Wambui

I do support the menstruation paid leaves because a lot of women have painful periods hence getting moody. With the mood swings, relationships are jeopardised in the office as very few would understand what such a woman is going through. Women find it hard to concentrate at work during that period, as there are so many dynamics at play.

Kevin Mbogo

This is tricky as not all of them have painful periods. Some will lie to get those leave days and who are you to deny them if they claim to be in pain. If we have to give them the leave, I think we need to consider the number of days to give, as it also has to work for the employer. It’s a good idea but we need to look at it in depth.

Morris Wamiti

I do understand that ladies find it hard to perform optimally at that time of the month. But then not every lady goes through the painful cramping so I think it would be hard to implement the paid period leave. And if implemented, I feel it would hurt the work place productivity. It would be better to deal with individual cases rather than generalising it.

Njanja Edd

Yes, Kenyan companies should adopt the menstruation paid leave. This is nature and no one can change it. A lot of them suffer at work place during that time, as their employers don’t understand them. Actually, some women get dismissed or poorly rated since their supervisors feel they are just being lazy. Giving them paid leaves is a sign that we value and respect them.