Many people have challenges when it comes to purchasing and styling plus-size clothing. While, thankfully, ambitious vendors are stepping in to fill the plus-size clothing niche, styling them remains a challenge. We hope these do’s and don’ts of plus-size clothing will serve as a guide the next time you want to put an outfit together.


Dress for your body shape

There isn’t a uniform body shape for all plus-size women. There are a variety of shapes: apple, hourglass, round just to mention a few, and it is best to know yours, then dress according to it.

Know the right fabric

Fabric plays a huge role in the outcome of a clothing item. Some fabrics have slimming effects. Others are notorious for accentuating bulges where we need them least. Consider the fabric of a clothe before you buy it.

Invest in good undergarments

This is a tip plus-size super model Ashley Graham swears by. The right undergarments form the right foundation for the outfits to lay on.

Find good wide belts

Wide belts are a plus-size fashion enthusiast’s best friend and can add pizzazz to the blandest outfit.

Embrace your curves

Plus-size styling is all about the fit of the cloth. Do not conceal your curves in baggy clothes, neither should you wear overly tight clothes. Just find the right it that accentuates your figure.

Fit and flare

If you ever have any doubts on what dress or skirt to pick, go for fit and flare. There isn’t a size that these types of dresses do not look good on.

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Follow plus-size bloggers

While it is nice to know the styling tricks and hacks, bloggers give you more relatable, doable hacks on a more consistent basis. You can see what they are doing and try their hacks.


Shy away from fashion trends

Fashion trends are just not meant for the willowy models who showcase them on the runways. If you find the right fit, you can rock them too.

Wait till you lose weight

Live in the now. Wear what makes you happy now. You can be stylish now, do not shelve it for later.

Wear clothes you do not like

Somebody said that plus-size women should only dress in a a certain way and boxed them in fashion boundaries. That somebody lied. Do not wear some clothes simply because that is how women of a certain size are expected to dress. Above all else, wear what makes you happy.

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