This month we celebrate all things love, which is the best excuse to spice things up in your wardrobe. Dressing sexy is an art many have not mastered because there is a very thin line between just right and too much. Here are some great tips on how to unleash your inner bombshell without appearing trashy.

Dressing Sexy is all in the balance

Showing too much skin is one mistake a lot of people make. When wanting to show off your killer legs, balance everything out by covering up as much as possible at the top. As they say a woman’s dress should be long enough to cover the body and short enough to create interest. Choose to show off one body part at a time to leave something for the imagination. So go for a short long-sleeved dress or a tight midi bodycon dress.

Black is the new red

Red has always been the colour that exudes sex appeal. But there are other options for the unconventional lady still looking to cause jaws to drop. Black, just like red, is a very strong dominant colour and comes off as very sexy. Choose a black dress with lace or sheer to push the sex appeal all the way up.

Comfort is key

They say beauty is pain, but common sense says being sexy should be when you are most comfortable. Being comfortable means you are your most confident self. Opt for clothing, heels (or not), jewellery, hair and make-up that bring out your most comfortable and confident self.

Do not forget what’s underneath

Feeling sexy is half of the journey in looking sexy, and sexy underwear does that. Do not forget to wear underwear that complements and accentuates your best features. Choose the right fitting and matching bra and underwear in colours that complement your skin tone.

Feminine it up

The sexiest thing a woman can do is to embrace her feminine nature. Femininity means different things to different people, and that is okay. Whatever it means to you, stay true to yourself and embrace it. This Valentine’s, embrace you.