• PublishedJune 6, 2016

Whether lower back pain is acute or chronic, spinal manipulation – the treatment most commonly provided by chiropractors – works no better than painkillers, physical therapy or exercise, according to a study at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Centre in the US. Analysis of 39 published studies found ineffective or even potentially harmful treatments such as bed rest, topical gels, traction, heat and massage. There is no magic bullet for back pain but to help prevent it in the first place, stay active and work to develop strong abdominal muscles.


You don’t want to run to a doctor every time you have a headache, but occasionally it can be a symptom of something serious. So don’t ignore a headache. Health experts suggest visiting a doctor if your headache:

Is sudden and severe
Affects only one side of your head
Is associated with eye or ear pain
Is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, hallucinations or sensitivity to light and sound
Recurs in a definite pattern (time of day, circumstances or duration)
Causes confusion or loss of consciousness
Is unusually persistent
Interferes with your ability to functio
Is similar to headaches other family members have
Differs from other headaches you have had before


Many of us find forgiveness a very difficult thing to do but we must always make an effort. Forgiveness frees you from anger, depression and anxiety and boosts your self-esteem and hopefulness. However, a study done at the University of Michigan in the US shows that 18- to 40-year-olds are less willing to forgive than older people, even though young people are more vulnerable to broken relationships and other disappointments. You must learn to forgive, let go and move on. Remember what the Bible teaches us in the Lord’s Prayer – “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” How do you expect others to forgive you if you can’t forgive?


If anxiety is stopping you from trying a new activity, you can squelch it and let yourself loose. First, it helps to understand that the fear is likely tied to your (probably erroneous) belief that you can’t successfully perform a certain action. The more you feel you can’t do something, the higher your anxiety level.

Here are some ways to overcome that inept feeling:

Bring a friend along to encourage you when trying a new activity    such as exercise or a hobby.
Hire an instructor to coach you through the experience. Remember     knowledge is power.
Visualise yourself successfully performing the activity.
Watch other ‘people’ doing the same thing; if they can do it, believe that you too can do it..

Published June 2016

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