EDUCATIVE AND FUN WAYS To keep kids busy this festive season

Holidays are a time for you and your children to spend quality time together. There’s no waking up early to prepare for school or worrying about next day assignments that

  • PublishedMarch 20, 2018

Holidays are a time for you and your children to spend quality time together. There’s no waking up early to prepare for school or worrying about next day assignments that need to be handed in. With so much time on their hands, it can be challenging to keep your child happy and occupied over the holiday break. If this sounds like you, we have a few suggestions that can help.Enroll them for a camp. There are different organisations like churches and school clubs that offer camping activities for children during the holidays

Camps are a great way to keep your children out of mischief over school breaks. They offer various activities like hiking, sports and team building exercises. Instead of your child being hooked on the computer or TV screen the entire holiday, enrolling them for a camp will have them making new friends while still having fun.

Take family outings

Bonding with your children can be extremely difficult, especially when you have a busy working schedule. Holidays provide a perfect opportunity to leave work troubles behind and spend more quality time with your kids. There are plenty of outdoor activities that provide the much-needed break from the everyday hassles of life. Whether it is walking on the beach, having a swim as a family or a simple picnic in the park, you will be surprised at how much fun you will have with your family.

Have them visit their grandparents

If you are lucky enough to have had wonderful grandparents, then you understand how much fun it was being around them. Having your kids spend time with their grandparents can give them the same opportunity. Grandparents often have a wealth of information that will benefit your children. They are also good at storytelling, which your kids will love. If they live far from home, plan a road trip with your family. This can provide an enriching experience and give you time to bond with the kids.

Sign them up for extracurricular activities

All parents want their kids to do well in school and in other out of school activities. Extracurricular activities give children the opportunity to develop their skills in various areas so children develop a number of interests and talents. If your child is interested in singing or dancing, do not hesitate to sign them up for a class. If they are artistic, they can develop their talent by taking art classes. Extracurricular activities offered to children these days are endless. Allow them to choose what suits their interest and personality.

Introduce them to household chores

Having your children help around in the house is a great way of teaching them responsibility. Instead of dictating chores, have them brainstorm about what they would like to do. You can also show them age appropriate chores that they can choose from. Switch up the chores often to make it more fun. Remember; kids lose excitement very fast. If they do not get the work done right, do not discourage them. Praise them for their effort

Get your children reading

Once schools are closed, most children are quick to bury their books until the next academic year. While it’s understandable for children to take a break from mental stimulation, it’s possible for them to forget what they have learnt in one holiday. Encourage them to continue learning during the holidays by picking up books that they like to read. You can also help them schedule a time for assignments after which they can go on with their playtime

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