The skin on the lips is very sensitive. Our lips are made up of attenuated skin, compared to other parts of the body, thus making them easy to crack. Lips are so prominent on the face, and that is why they deserve all the care in the world.  Here are some simple ways to take care of your lips.

Avoid licking and touching your lips

When lips feel dry, most people tend to lick them. This will give temporary reprieve but will later leave your lips drier than before. Same applies to when you touch your lips. So keep your hands off your lips.

Use lip balm

As said earlier, lips have no protection and the exposed skin sensitive. Lip balm adds a layer on the lips. It protects them from the sun, dry air, getting chapped and also dirt, besides keeping them hydrated.

A good diet is good for your lips

Not only is a good diet requisite for your skin in general, but also your lips. Take a lot of vitamins and nutrients because they will eventually reflect on your lips.

Don’t pick the dry parts of your lips

As tempting as it is, do not pick and peel the dry skin off your lips. Your lips are delicate. You should leave them to heal on their own for them not to have some further damage. Lips tend to heal so fast.

Remove makeup while asleep and keep lips hydrated

When you are going to sleep, make sure you wipe off your lipstick. This is because your lips need to breathe. More also, the air around you dries up your lips when you are asleep. To make them feel hydrated, you can use petroleum jelly,  cream or raw milk.

Drink lots of water (and mind your business while at it)

Drinking lots of water will be of great help to the health of your skin. Hydrating oneself will help your lips stay moist all the time and keep them from forming those painful cracks. Make sure you carry water around all the time.

Quit smoking

When you smoke, you expose your lips to a variety of toxins, which can damage your lips by turning them black. Smoking also increases your chance of getting cancer.

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