Elephant mom and child
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An elephant at the Aberdare National Park has given birth to twins in what KWS termed a rare occurrence. However, KWS did not ascertain the health status of the twins. Twins are very uncommon, accounting for only about 1% of all elephant births.

"Waking up to exciting and wonderful news! An elephant from Aberdare National Park has just given birth to twins," KWS announced in a tweet on Tuesday. "Did you know that an elephant giving birth to twins is a very rare occurrence?" they added.

According to the Kenya Wildlife Service, elephants are a keystone species that play an important role in maintaining ecosystem balance.

"You must visit Zuru Aberdare National Park to see the majestic forest elephants against the backdrop of the undulating rise and fall of misty valleys, hills, and mountains," they said.

This comes five months after another elephant in Samburu National Reserve gave birth to twins. The announcement was made by Save the Elephants, a conservation NGO.

Identical twins give birth to baby boys on the same day
Justiniani was supposed to have a C-section on May 5, and Cheplak was supposed to be induced on May 15, but the latter went into labor 10 days prior.

In 2020, Angelina, an elephant, gave birth to twins, a male, and a female, in Amboseli National Park. The mother struggled to produce enough milk for two calves. The calves became emaciated, and it was doubtful that they would live longer than six months. Elephant mothers are very attentive, and because most elephant behavior is learned, they keep their offspring with them for many years.

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Elephant calves, fortunately, are weaned with vegetation at three to four months of age. They are usually good feeders by the time they are seven to eight months old, which helps supplement their mother's milk. The calves namely, Scotty and Scot, are two years now and are healthy. Thanks to Elephant Cooperation who adopted them in October last year.

Tuesday’s birth brings the total number of known sets of twins in the country to three.

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