Enjoy health benefits of arrowroots

  • PublishedMay 7, 2014

The arrowroot plant is a hardy, clump forming perennial plant with thick stalks and large bright leaves. Arrowroot starch is obtained from the roots of the tropical plant. Its tubers contain about 23 percent of starch. When its tubers are large and aged, the arrowroots can be quite fibrous.

Arrowroots are best for consumption when they are young before the fibre develops. You can eat arrowroots steamed, roasted, barbecued, diced finely or added to stir-fries, stews, and soups. They do not have a lot of flavour on their own, but once added to other ingredients they make a wonderful meal. Arrowroots have many health and nutritional benefits.

Medicinal benefits…

Arrowroots are useful in treating poisoned wounds such as spider bites, snakebites and scorpion stings. They are also used to treat gangrene, a condition caused by lack of blood supply to certain areas of the body, which results in tissue decay or death. You can relieve toothache by applying a paste of water and arrowroot powder to the affected tooth.

In addition, arrowroots provide a nutritious diet for people suffering from some diseases such as bladder irritation or during recovery from an illness. Include arrowroots in the diet of one convalescing from an illness.  Due to their soothing properties, arrowroots are often used to treat bowel problems and also as a digestion aid. They are also good for relieving nausea and replenishing nutrients lost through vomiting and diarrhoea.

Although they are not an antifungal, arrowroots can be made into a powder, which can be used to reduce excess moisture on the feet, since excess moisture can lead to athlete’s foot. Arrowroot powder can also prevent skin infection and itching.

Nutritional benefits…

Because they are easily digestible, arrowroots are used as an ingredient in baby foods and foods for the sick and elderly. They are also good for people who are low in protein as they contain more protein than other tropical foods such as yams, potatoes and cassava. Arrowroots are low in calories and thus good for people trying to lose weight. Due to their high levels of potassium, eating them helps to regulate heart beat rate and blood pressure.

Arrowroots are good for weaning your baby and they can also be made into infant cereal, which is easily digestible. In addition, the arrowroot powder can be used to make cookies, biscuits and crackers.

Published on June 2013

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