We have come to the end of the year and we know what this means – fun, fun and more fun. But did you know this is the same season

  • PublishedNovember 30, 2016

We have come to the end of the year and we know what this means – fun, fun and more fun. But did you know this is the same season when we record the highest number of injuries, road accidents and even deaths, often due to irresponsible behaviour? This article gives you practical advice to a regret-free holiday.

Don’t drink and drive: This is neither the first nor the last time you will hear this – DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. If you really desire to see 2017 in one piece, then heed this advice. If you are going to party and anticipate imbibing, leave your car at home or have a designated driver.

Plan your journey early: If you are planning to travel upcountry or going for a road trip, plan the route you will use and make sure you are aware of the road condition. On the same note, make sure your car is road worthy and if possible travel during the day. Adhere to road rules and be mindful of other road users.

Steer clear of alcohol and drug abuse: Many young Kenyans have fallen prey to alcohol and drug abuse, which greatly affects their social, emotional, psychological and physiological wellbeing. Avoid the temptation to abuse drugs and alcohol if you are to start the New Year on the right footing.

Keep good company: You and your friends might have a lot of time on your hands this season. If not well spent, you are likely to indulge in activities that may lead to regrets thereafter. Be deliberate on the kind of friends you want around you and let them be people who will positively impact your life.

Help out at home: One of the ways of spending your holiday responsibly is through lending a hand at home. Take up a duty such as cleaning the house each morning or washing utensils and do it thoroughly. Also, use the holiday to bond with family members and people who mean the world to you.

Try something new: To make your festive season more vibrant, try something you have never done before. You can visit a place you have never been to or try that recipe you have come across. Whatever you do, don’t go overboard – do it in moderation. More importantly don’t risk your life or that of your family.

Take time to care for others: Take time this season to visit orphanages or homes for the elderly and spend time with them. You can rally some of your friends to join you in this noble cause. This will make your holiday more fulfilling as you share your time and resources with the less fortunate.

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