With the right curves in the right places, it’s time to show the world what you are made of. All it takes is a little wardrobe know-how and a big dose of confidence and you are good to go. Find some inspiration on how to flaunt those heavenly curves.

Are you overweight? Is selecting the right outfit a challenge for you? Here is an expert guide to walk you through the right wardrobe.

“Do’s and Don’ts” while dressing up:


* Soft fabrics such as jersey, cotton, flannel or cashmere
* Figure-hugging shirts and blouses
* Narrow V-necklines
* Low-cut and single-breasted jackets
* Straight-cut, wide trousers
* Pencil skirts with a high waistline
* Shift dresses and dresses with an asymmetric cut


* Shiny fabrics such as satin, as well as thick materials such as velvet
* Double-breasted jackets and coats
* Playful details such as ruffles or flounces in the bust area
* Skinny jeans
* Horizontal Stripes and halter neck tops
* Empire style

Tips for accessories

* Loosely draped scarves can skillfully conceal a large chest.
*But be careful with accessories like brooches and short necklaces – they can make an ample bosom look even bigger.

Published April 2017…