Foods That Help With the Sleepless Nights

  • PublishedSeptember 3, 2018

There is nothing more satisfying than getting a good sleep and also healthy. If you are having sleepless nights, try changing your diet with some healthy meals. Here are foods you should consider eating before bed which have health benefits and there will be no more sleep interruptions.


This nutritious fruits have a high amount of fibre which is good for digestion and reduce inflammation. Having kiwi fruit a day will increase the chances of getting deep sleep and get sleep faster because of the serotonin (sleep-promoting brain chemical) and antioxidants it contains.


Fish are a very nutritious and healthy food to consider with which it contains vitamin D and omega-3. This fish reduces inflammation, heart disease, contributes to brain health and increase production of serotonin.

White rice

This cab contains a lot of minerals and vitamins which improve sleep patterns with the low fibre it has. Due to its benefit in sleep, eat it in moderation because of its lack of enough fibre and nutrients.


To boost your energy, then bananas are to go. They are high in magnesium which relaxes the muscles and serotonin for good sleep. Incorporate a banana after every meal.

Warm milk

A warm glass of milk contains tryptophan (amino acid) and melatonin which are hormones for rest and sleep. Milk should be a night ritual because it improves your sleep pattern and gets into a deep sleep. Make this old tale be your solution to the sleepless nights.

Herbal tea

There are various types of herbal tea that are a choice for sleep aid and other problems. This is; Chamomile tea which also treats insomnia and anxiety, Lavender tea used to settle the nerves and for relaxation, a Lemon balm that also reduces stress and Passionflower tea reduces stress.

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