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  • PublishedMarch 1, 2012

You have been invited to a function and you need to look fabulous, but it also happens to be your bad hair day. You have been busy all week and have had no time to visit your hairdresser. You can still look fabulous if you own a wig.

A good wig can be a lifesaver when you want instant hair makeover. It can transform your looks from drab to stunning in a matter of seconds. A wig can transform you from a professional chic lady to an elegant diner or funky partygoer all within minimal time. So make a wig part of your hair accessories but consider a few things before buying one.

Available types. There are three types of wigs available in the market – synthetic, human hair or human synthetic blend. Synthetic wigs are generally cheaper than human hair.

Quality. You need to consider how frequent you want to use the wig. If you intend to wear the wig daily, you will want to choose a higher quality wig. While at it, you should choose a wig cap, which is the most comfortable and one that will ensure good air circulation and ventilation to your scalp. You can wear this type of wig all day long without any discomfort.

Material. Most wigs are made with 10 to 30 percent more fibre than your own natural hair. The stylist can cut, trim and even thin your wig to make it look like your natural hair. Synthetic wigs are easier to take care of, as they require little or no styling because in most cases the style is usually set. On the other hand, human hair wigs can be styled in many creative ways such as tonging, curling or under a drier. Choose the wig according to your needs.

Style. This is a matter of personal preference. Choose what makes you feel attractive. Synthetic wigs come pre-styled, so you know the look of the wig before you buy it. For the human hair wigs, you can style as desired. Bear in mind that human hair wigs must be styled each time they are washed.

Colour. If you are thinking of dyeing your hair, why not go for a coloured wig? This is a great way to change your hair colour without changing your own natural hair. However, when buying a coloured wig, ensure that it compliments your complexion.

Your age. Many mature women believe they need long, dark wigs. However, long hair attracts attention while dark hair emphasises wrinkles. For ladies over 40 years, long wigs often make them look older. Thus depending on your age, choose the appropriate wig. If you are over 40, go for short wigs.

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