Groom rejected on wedding day due to balding head

  • PublishedMarch 5, 2018

An Indian doctor married a complete stranger after his bride-to-be left him at the alter when she discovered he was balding.

Ravi Kumar travelled almost 1,000km from New Delhi to the village of Sugauli in Bihar on February 18 to marry the bride he had never met.

His family arranged the wedding a year in advance after the girl’s father stayed at Dr Kumar’s father’s home three times.

Most of the big day went as planned with guest enjoying a feats and numerous festivities in a ‘happy atmosphere’, according to Dainik Bhaskar.

The couple even completed the garland exchange ritual and disaster only struck when the procession arrived at the wedding pavillion to make their vows

Dr Kumar removed his ceremonial headpiece and the bride was shocked to find the neurosurgeon was balding.

She refused on the spot to marry him, sending the wedding into chaos as both families tried in vain to convince the girl to change her mind.

The bride wouldn’t budge but having travelled so far, Dr Kumar was determined to return home a married man.

His family appealed to the local village council for help, who suggested he marry Neha Kumari, the daughter of a poor vegetable seller.

The pair were married at the Ramjanki Temple in front of his family two days after his disastrous aborted wedding.

A photo of the newlyweds showed a grinning Dr Kumar happy to have salvaged the wedding, but his bride looked much less impressed with the sudden marriage.

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