Grooming Rules for Working Women

Cover those under eye circles If you didn’t get enough sleep because you were up working late or are simply tired, don’t ruin a good look with those under eye

  • PublishedJune 29, 2017

Cover those under eye circles

If you didn’t get enough sleep because you were up working late or are simply tired, don’t ruin a good look with those under eye circles. Wear a concealer with a light brown undertone to neutralize the purple colour of the dark circles.

When applying the concealer use a thin makeup brush and starting from the inner corner of your eye where circles are darkest and gently dot the concealer along the under-eye area. Repeat with the other eye.

Grab that foundation

Foundation is key for masking spots therefore before rushing out of the house, take a few steps away from the mirror and against light and patch up those spots that you missed, so as to give you that neutral face.

And you need not to worry if yours is the oily face type as with the right foundation for your skin tone you can achieve that matte look, and thereafter if you apply make up on, you will achieve that stunning flawless look.

Be intentional about lip colour and eye shadow

Whereas the nude lip seems to currently be on trend, the market is saturated with more lip colours. Use a more subtle lip stain and tint your pout to draw a little attention to them.

A bright lip is only okay with a neutral eye. Bright eye shadow is a no-no for office wear. Office eye shadow should be either simple-going-on-invisible or nothing at all.

The latter is the most recommended because wearing elaborate eye make up for the office is overdoing it. Instead, save it for evening wear and social occasions.

Keep your nails short, clean and neutral coloured

Learn to keep the polish neutral and tuck away an extra bottle of polish in the office for an emergency touch up. One of the biggest offenses in most work places is overly long, false nails or elaborate nail art.

Not only is it strenuous to work with especially when typing but it also creates a negative impression. As a rule of thumb keep your nails simple and short.

Go easy on the perfumes

When it comes to the choice of perfume to wear to work, you need to tread softly. A perfume scent should be something personal.

Unless somebody comes in for a hug, nobody should be able to tell of your fragrance from a distance. Be sensitive to the rest of the staff as someone may suffer from an allergy.

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Shave your legs

The best way to shave your legs will depend on you – how much hair you have and how quickly it grows. If you are planning to wear a knee length dress or skirt, you will look better with your legs smoothly shaved.

One quick way to achieve a smooth shave is to hop into a warm shower and wet your skin for about four minutes before applying a shaving cream of your choice then grab a disposable razor and work your way up to your inner thighs.

Rinse off, dry and moisturise. You can also use an electric razor or wax off once in a while. You can also have spa waxing, which gives you clean legs for two to four weeks.

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