A GSU officer Thursday told the court he had been hired to commit the murders of a mother and her businesswoman daughter in Katani, Machakos County.

Going by the name Anthony Kilonzo, the officer claimed he had been hired by an ally to commit the crime. Further reports indicate the said friend had fallen out with the husband of the deceased daughter, and his wife’s murder was meant to serve as a warning.

The husband also got hurt in the incident, and is currently receiving treatment at Shalom Hospital. According to the Prosecution, he is seriously hurt and not in a position to record a statement or assist in the identification parade.

The GSU officer shot himself in the leg in the scuffle that ensued during the shooting. He went to seek medical attention at a Nairobi hospital, a move which causes investigating officers to swoop in and arrest him.

The court interrupted him before he mentioned the friend who hired him, and instead asked if he understood the application.

Two other suspects of the murder are still at large, with one intimated to be in Busia and the other in Murang’a.

The court granted the police’s request to have the suspect remanded for 21 days as they continue their investigations.