Her sex hot spots revealed!

While some people are obsessively hell-bent on hitting what is considered the holy grail of sex, a woman’s G-spot (which is said to be more of a connection of tissues

  • PublishedJune 29, 2017

While some people are obsessively hell-bent on hitting what is considered the holy grail of sex, a woman’s G-spot (which is said to be more of a connection of tissues inside the vaginal wall, more than a single ‘x-marks-the spot’ for all women), this does not mean that it is the only part of the female anatomy that can help a woman attain a pleasurable experience during sex.

There are several (some surprising) places that when given the right attention can help you and your partner take your seduction game to the next level. Here are the top erogenous zones to watch out for if you are looking to amplify things up in the bedroom.

Her mind
It is said the most powerful sexual organ in human beings is often times not even physical. It is the mind. For men, visual stimulation may and is often enough to get them going.

For women, however, there may be more need for stimulation of the emotional and psychological variety before she can respond physically.

This then makes the brain the most important erogenous zone as it makes that much needed connection between mental, emotional and physical touch. Women often times need to not only feel beautiful and desirable, but require some effort on their partners’ part to make them feel the same, otherwise the reverse happens.

Due to concerns about her looks or weight, she may feel self-conscious and may unknowingly focus her mind on these during sex, stealing from her what ideally should be an enjoyable moment.

Start by arousing her mind first through genuine compliments about her body, her work, and personality and so on, to make sure she is comfortable and then move on from there.

Her lips
Often times, the first physical display of real affection between partners is through a kiss. Lips should not be ignored during foreplay, as they remain one of the most erotic zones of a woman’s body.

They are said to be even more sensitive than fingers and respond to temperature, touch and pressure. Some women are said to be able to orgasm just from prolonged kissing alone.

While a first kiss drives dopamine levels in the brain, kissing a long-term partner releases oxytocin, both of which are responsible for making us feel happy.

To rev things up, vary the length and intensity of the kisses, as well as the motion of the tongue. You can also slowly caress her lips with your tongue or your finger. It is also a good idea to alternate between soft, sensual and deep passionate kisses.

Her neck
The neck is a very sensual part of the body and its numerous nerve endings make actions such as licking, kissing or feather-light touches a turn-on.

Since the skin is thinner around the neck area, the nerves and blood vessels are closer to the surface and hence the need to engage this area in order to trigger sensory receptors which will in turn lead to an emotional response.

It is deemed very intimate to let a person that close, as the neck is associated with vulnerability. The collarbone and the back of the neck should also not be ignored.

Her Breasts
This is one of the obvious hotspots although it is sometimes not fully exploited. The nipples as well as the breasts are full of pleasure-receptive nerve endings.

When the breasts are caressed, a woman’s body tends to release oxytocin into the blood stream, which makes her feel warm and fuzzy.

With proper stimulation, the nipples are able to transmit feel-good sensations to the brain making it a pleasurable experience for a woman.

You can substitute your hands with the tip of your tongue to build up excitement. Pay attention to what your partner responds to and put extra effort into doing it.

Lick or nibble the nipples lightly, then proceed to slowly add pressure. The longer you tease the more intense the stimulation. Remember to pay attention to both breasts. Resist the urge to grope them, unless of course that’s what she’s really into.

Her inner thighs
When it comes to foreplay, the right touch is key. For the inner thighs, light touches are the way to go to get her into the mood fast.

With just your fingertips, run your hands up and down her thighs while also gently massaging to increase her excitement. It is safe to linger in this area to build up the anticipation because it is torturously close to the honey pot.

Her Vulva
The vulva is a collection of various organs that make up the outer part of a woman’s reproductive system and even without vaginal penetration; with intentional attention it is still enough to make a woman orgasm.

The vulva consists of the mons pubis (fatty tissues found on top of the pubic bones) labia majora and minora (the outer lips and their inner folds), clitoris, vaginal opening among others.

While most partners skip straight to the clitoris and with good reason (it is single handedly the mecca of all female sexual pleasure-as it is built purely for that purpose and is said to have twice the number of sensory nerve endings as a penis), the mons and labia are also packed with numerous nerve endings that can be most pleasurable due to increased blood flow when stimulated. Work on these and the humdrum of penetrative sex will become a thing of the past.

Her lower back
The small of the back for women contains the sacral nerves, which are a cluster of nerves that are a great source of pleasure.

You can use your palms or engage her in some sensual massage to stimulate and build anticipation as the nerves shoot directly to the vagina.

Rubbing the base of her spine before you hit the sheets also makes for great foreplay as it helps relax her pelvis, which makes sex feel even better.

Her feet
What can be better than a relaxing soothing foot rub after a tiresome day? Well, it could easily turn into a sensual experience for you and your partner.

This is because the feet contain pressure points that when pressed correctly, reflexologists opine trigger sexual arousal.

Toes tend to be the biggest culprits where woman are concerned. Rubbing them gently will release muscular tension causing blood to flow more freely to heighten her sensual responsiveness.

Her ears
There is a reason having someone whisper gently into your ear causes goose bumps on the skin. The earlobe is the most sensitive part of the ear as it has numerous nerve endings. Running your tongue along the earlobe gently while incorporating gentle nibbles along the way is a sure way of firing things up.

Besides the hotspots mentioned there are also other areas that experts say partners should start giving a second look.

These include: Scalp: Rich in nerve endings and a good rub is said to release oxytocin and serotonin, feel good hormones. Navel: It is said to be from the same tissue as the clitoris, neurologically binding the two.

Behind the knees: Rich in nerve endings thereby increasing pleasure when stimulated.
Do note however that every person is an individual and what works for one may not work for another.

This list is in no way exhaustive and the only way to expand your bedroom skills and knowledge of your partner’s hotspots is to work on it. So go ahead and give it a try.

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