Akothee always has something to say about anything and one thing about her is that she doesn’t have to ask for any consent to say what’s on her mind.

She calls herself president of single mothers because she knows what single mothers go through to make ends meet and protect their children.

Akothee loves her employees and we’ve witnessed that from her posts on social media. On many occassions, she advises people to treat their employees with respect as they are the ones making work easier for you.

Well she took to social media to once again to vet for employees urging people to make them feel like part and parcel of them.

She wrote”Without employees you are dead with all your money! Never feel soo special to your workers let them feel like part and parcel of you , they are human beings they will also make it in life just like you!& your children might end up knocking on their doors!be humble life is potia pata.”