You need to leave your kid with a care giver but you can not simply because you cannot help it leaving them sad. Your child becomes hysterical. They cling to your leg, begging you not to leave. For most parents this situation is usually stressful and upsetting.

Below are tips to help you ease the dreaded goodbye meltdown.

It is normal

In as much as you dislike leaving them unhappy, it is important to acknowledge that your child's behavior is normal. This is because separation anxiety starts as early as eight months. It is during this time that your child gets to understand that you are a separate entity from them and that you can leave.

Start goodbyes early enough

At their young age, start telling your kids goodbye whenever you leave. A quick kiss, a hug or a wave can be a good place to start. However, do not prolong the process as it will not help in easing the meltdown in any way. Tell them goodbye even when you need to rush out and come back in ten minutes. The more you leave and return with proper goodbyes, the easier it will be for them to grasp the concept of separation.

Do not sneak out

Although this might seem like the easiest way out. Sneaking out on your kids trick them and sends a confusing message. Alternatively, you can make a plan with your caregiver to distract your kid's attention using their favorite song or toy. Say your quick goodbye and walk out.

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Try not to come back

However much they cry, try as much as you can not to give in to their meltdown. Giving in to their meltdown will only be an incentive for them to cry harder and longer next time. Always remind them that parents always come back to them. While at it, be specific and use their terms as this helps in their development.


"You are going to have a fun day with (insert your sitter's name). Mummy has to go to work but she will be back after dinner. I love you." Give your quick kiss and leave.

Introduce other caregivers

It is among the first steps to ease separation in kids. At 6 months, you should start introducing your child to their caregivers, so that they can start practicing getting along without you. Introduction to other care givers will help minimize separation anxiety when they go to school or any other time you are not around.