How to boost sexual power

  • PublishedMarch 9, 2017

When you accept that your sexual power will continue to diminish as you age, then you will be able to take steps to help you boost it. Here are five easy ways to help you achieve that:

Pretend you are dating again

Try to remember when you were dating and intercourse was delayed until full commitment or marriage, and the excitement this brought. Remember the long hours you spent kissing, hugging and petting and no sex? Relive those exciting moments to bring back the passion and not make penetration your main goal.

Let go of old resentments

Anger and resentment kill desire. If you are in a relationship where there are unresolved issues, you will need to tackle these. It’s time to forgive and forget whatever mistakes your partner made in the past so you can move on and enjoy the bliss of old age together.

Laugh. Sex is play

Have fun in bed. Don’t look gloomy when the thought of sex comes into mind. Think of ways you can enhance sexual pleasure and discuss these with your partner. Experiment and try different things.


Older people who exercise have more sex and enjoy it more than those who are sedentary. When you are fit and healthy you are more likely to endure sex for longer and have it more often.

Eat healthy.To keep healthy, you need to have a balanced diet and supplement it with multivitamins. Foods high in saturated fat have a negative effect to your body and your libido. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean fish and poultry. Talk to a doctor or nutritionist to recommend supplements suitable for you and dosage.


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