Emotional bonding

While no one disputes the power of a good old cuddle, there are many ways to increase bonding with your children while giving them the tools they need for a good start in life. Just the same way a child is said to know their mother’s or a caregivers’ touch, they can also associate warmth, comfort, security with the caregiver’s voice. A study published by the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics also indicated that parents with children in the neo-natal intensive care could develop the same feelings of intimacy that parents of healthy newborns cultivate in the days and weeks after a baby’s birth, when they read to them.

Boosts brainpower

Several studies have also shown that children who were read to as newborns have gone on to exhibit advanced mathematical skills while possessing larger vocabulary threshold. Children whose parents read to them also scored higher on standard tests by age three, compared to kids whose parents did not read to them. (We weren’t kidding about having your own little Einstein!)

Increases their response rate


As your little one learns to identify your voice, they also learn to respond to it so that the more you speak to them, the more the reach out to you, either with their hands or other gestures such as gentle smiles to full on giggles. Visuals from picture books also go a long way in helping them identify simple things such as shapes, colours, and letters much faster. It also demystifies one thing that many experts fear may be lost to the current generation; the fact that reading can be fun! So go ahead, open up your little one to a whole new world today!

Looking for stories to start off this reading journey with your little one?

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