Shapewear for women comes in handy for a number of reasons. You might just want to make things look a little smoother under those fitting clothes or you may just want more defined curves.

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But how do you make sure that you do not subject yourself to discomfort? How do you ascertain that the quality you've bough will last you for long? Here are some tips:

Stick to your size

Do not downsize your choice of shapewear  in an attempt to make it ‘do more’ for you. From its name, you can tell it's already got shape-shifting properties. Getting the right size is the difference between barely breathing and feeling confident and comfortable.

Opt for high-waist

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High-waist shapewear offers a great two for one deal that shapes and smooths your bottom and your mid-section. Now, ain't that a win-win?

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Work the combos

Look for ways to combine your undergarments into one perfect piece. There are full bodysuits that work as both a bra and a shaper or tights with built-in thigh and tummy control. Since most shapewear doesn't come cheap, you want to get the most out of whatever option you go for. You can get expert advice and quality shapewear from stores such as Double Dee's.

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Opt for a cotton blend

Let's get real; things can get real hot under there and if you are in the wrong size and it's hot, you are going to be miserable. A breathable cotton blend helps keep things cool while you look absolutely hot!

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