Vaginal discharge is normal in grown up ladies. But what happens if you spot it on your newborn girl? As a parent you would be alarmed if you noticed a grey-white, slightly yellow, or bloody discharge on your newborn’s genitals.

The good news is that, it is perfectly normal for a new born girl to produce discharge until they are 10 days. If this persists, a quick appointment to your paediatrician is important as it could be a sign of infection.

Why new-born girls produce discharge

So what causes the production of discharge in new-born girls who are two weeks old or younger?According to the AAP Textbook of Paediatric Care, production of discharge in new born girls is an indication that their body is going through withdrawal. When the baby is still in their mother’s womb, they receive hormones from their mother’s placenta. These hormones help in the proper development of the baby’s vagina. However, when the baby is born, the supply of hormones is cut short thus causing vaginal discharge.

How to clean your baby’s genitalia

To get rid of the discharge, you can use a wet wipe or use a cotton cloth and warm water. Do not use soap to clean your baby girl’s genitals as it might cause irritation or rashes. Wipe the area from front to back to prevent infections from faecal material. Remember, iIf you don’t clean their genital area properly, their skin can even fuse together.

Signs you should be alarmed

  • If the discharge persists more than two weeks.
  • If the discharge is yellow
  • If it has a foul smell