Lighting is essential in making the house beautiful and brilliant. It even feels better when a house is made of different types of lighting and bulbs. Here are some of the few tips on how to light your rooms in the house and bring out their individual aesthetics.


Choose lamps that will produce enough light when studying. Also, remember that when the light is bright enough you automatically have less eyestrain while too much light which can cause the to eye strain.

how to light up your rooms
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A lot of activities happen in the kitchen and this place needs to be well-lit. Steer away from dim bulbs. Make use of pendant bulbs, under-cabinet lighting and high places LEDS to give a brighter.

how to light your rooms
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Big windows and beautiful curtains allow natural light to stream in. During the night make use of both ceiling and floor lamps. Have a statement chandelier to draw the focus of the room.

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Ceiling lighting is a-must in washrooms, unless you prefer to shower in darkness. However, go for bulbs that emit warm yellow light as opposed to harsh lights. Yellow light is more relaxing, just as the bathroom should be. Add mirrors to give the illusion of bigger space. The mirrors reflect the light to add to the overall aesthetic of the washroom and bathroom.

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Use floor lamps and sconces to light up your corridor. Lighting these paths should tell an artistic story and reveal your individual style.Related image

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All rooms might belong to everyone but the bedroom is your own home. You can experiment with neon lighting, accent lights, warm chandeliers, statement bedside lamps and dimmers.

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