It has been two weeks of downpour after downpour  in most parts of the country. If you had any outdoor plans for the holidays they must have been thrown out the window. Thankfully, rains do not mean sleeping or sitting in the house bored all day. There are fun activities to engage in inside your house and not feel cheated on by sunshine!

1. Movie marathon

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This is the time to catch up on the latest series and movies in town. Watch comic movies  or shows that will make your days brighter regardless of the weather. Also, catch up with your favorite television shows and programmes.

2. Grab a novel!

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If you love reading, then this is the time to read the book you bought a while back but never ‘had time’ to look at it. Borrow and exchange novels with friends and just have a good time building yourself. You can also read something that is aligned to your career or interests e.g travel, finance, wildlife etc.

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3. Cook

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There are delicacies  you have been wishing to make but maybe you do not find time to prepare them.This is the time to try them out and look out new recipes. Bake cakes, host a tea party if the whole family is stuck indoors and it will be a lot of fun.

4.Self care

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What better time than when you are left by yourself in the house to pamper yourself a little? Do the skin care routine you have  always postponed. Condition your hair, do a little spa therapy. Follow self care routines from your favorite beauty bloggers because when the sun comes out, you may be too busy to do them. After that, you can catch up on some long hours of sleep you have been missing!


5.Engage in your hobbies

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If you like dancing, you can hold a dance party in the house and enjoy loud music to put off the gloom that comes with cold weather. If you have skills in crafting or beading, this is the best time to perfect your skill. Bead your artwork, paint, weave a mat or sew your favorite designs.


6.Plan a vacation!

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The rains wont be here forever and this means you will not be indoors all holiday long.Christmas is fast approaching and this is the appropriate time to plan where you will be going on holidays. Research more about your ideal destination, do the flight bookings early if necessary. You can even pack your bags and prepare  kids for the holidays. Likewise, if you will be traveling upcountry, plan on the little presents you are going to share with family and friends.

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