No partner should dictate how the other dresses, unless your partner’s wardrobe really needs redemption. If your wife’s wardrobe is affecting the way people treat her or is making her lose great opportunities, it is not wrong to help her change it. After all, much as people talk about focusing on what is in the person rather than what is on them, people still make decisions based on their first impression of you. But do not for a moment assume that giving your wife’s wardrobe an overhaul will be easy. One wrong move and it will end in tears. Below are surefire tips to revamp or completely change your wife’s wardrobe.

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Talk to her

Communication is the first stop in this issue. In fact, if you manage to respectfully point out to her why she needs to reconsider her wardrobe, she might take it from there and you will not have to do anything else. Communication can sometimes be tricky because this matter can be sensitive; and one wrongly placed word is all it will take to inspire a huge argument. This is why most men would rather not go that direction. These tips will make communication easier:

  • Do not talk to her when you are upset/ frustrated
  • You can bring up the conversation when doing an activity you both enjoy and she is happy
  • If you cannot talk to her directly, state is as if it were a joke – she will get the point 
  • Do not chide her over it – it will come across as nagging
  • Do not tell her this when she is in public with you, it will make her conscious about her dressing

Buy her clothes

This will act as a hint for what you like seeing her on.  Occasionally buy her clothes even when it’s not a holiday and surprise her. If at one point you buy her an outfit and she doesn’t wear it at all don’t pressure her to. Give it time and ask her what she likes. Incorporate both your likes into outfits that suit both your tastes.

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Ask her best friend for help

Enlist the services of her best friend/closest friend. Her friend can act like a mediator and she will most likely take fashion advice from her that from you and switch up her outfits.

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Avoid comparison

This is a definite no-go zone, your wife is your wife give her the respect she deserves. Comparing her dressing to other women’s in the name of trying to make her change her outfit selection will only make things worse. Don’t compare her to other women in and out of social media.

Instead, compliment her first then show her a picture of how she would look better in a certain dress or pants. This way no ones feelings are hurt and the point will have gotten home.