Kenya has suffered more than enough share of terrorist attacks. The recent Riverside attack left Kenyans on edge. It was heartbreaking to watch the horror of the attack. It gets even worse when your child starts asking questions and you have no idea how to answer them. We give you some tips on how to talk to your kids about terrorism.

Ask them what they know

Children will often pick up information from different channels. They may watch the occurrences on television or hear another child speak about it. It is important to understand how much the children know as it will make it easier for you to know where to begin.

Explain to them in simple terms

Especially for the younger kids, do not go into too much detail. Just let them know that there are some “bad” people who just want to instill fear in people by carrying out an attack.

Protect them from graphic images

Children are very sensitive to what they see. Gory images can lead to nightmares and such memories can haunt them for long. Ensure that the children do not get to see the graphic images flying around the media. Do not watch the proceedings of the attack with them. Distract them from what is happening. Let them continue with their daily routine.

Assure them of their safety

Children trust whatever you tell them. Assuring them that they are safe will drive away the fear. Tell them that you will do anything to ensure they are safe and they do not have to be afraid. Assure them also that the police are doing a good job and that the terrorists will be caught.

Pray with them

As you tuck them in bed, pray with them. This will bring calmness and peace.