Bedrooms are, ideally, places to relax and recharge after a hectic day. Science proves that soothing colors and a calm environment equal better sleep. Here are ideas for turning your bedroom into a sanctuary.

Keep only the most essential furniture

Take out furniture you don’t need. This will reduce clutter in your space and help you relax. Get a good bed and mattress. Dress your mattress in cotton sheets. A couple of soft blankets, comforter and a few fluffy pillows will give that cozy feel and look. Investing in bedding that looks and feels luxurious will elevate your entire space and make your bedroom feel like a luxurious hotel every single day!

Put a plant on it

Add color and life into your room with a plant or two. They’re great for bringing in an earthy feeling, which is an instant mood booster. Plants such as lavender, aloe-vera and spider plant are great for the bedroom.

Go for soft lighting

Soft lighting can transform your bedroom into a peaceful, heavenly haven. Avoid bright lights, as they are likely to upset your body clock leaving you awake long after you have switched off the lights. Place several lamps at different places around the room instead of one central ceiling light.

Color coordinate

A monochromatic room is easy on the eye as it instantly creates soothing sensations, which in turn aid in creating a suitable resting space. Have your furniture, walls and curtains in soft calming colors that complement each other or from the same color family. Opt for blackout curtains to keep out light such car headlights, street light or your neighbors’ security lights.

Consider light, neutral colors

This doesn’t have to be white. Light, neutral colors will create the same effect. Light colors are visually associated with cleanliness and freshness, thus giving a room an aura of peace. Go for soft color schemes such as cool shades of blue, gray, lavender or green.

Boot technology out

To unwind completely, it may be important to take out things like the TV, laptop or computer and even your phone.

Focus on the wall behind your bed

Since the bed is often the focal point of a bedroom, the wall behind it is also important. Place on it a picture that brings you happy and peaceful thoughts.