The rampant increase in fish imports is an existing threat to the local fish industry, but now Kenyans have more to worry about as the fish poses risks of cancer transmission.

An article by The Standard today revealed that fish and other frozen food being imported into the country are exposed to cancer-causing radiation.

Reports show that all containers containing imports are subjected to inspection using radio-active emitting scanners at the port of Mombasa.

While this has been found to be true, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and the Kenya Revenue Protection Board (KRPB) have maintained that the levels of radiation emitted cannot contaminate food. 

“The dose of radiation absorbed by the food is very low. It is perfectly safe to scan any food even multiple times,” revealed Mr. Julius Musyoki, KRA Commissioner, Customs and Border Control.

Mr. Edward Mayaka, KRPB Chief Radiation Protection Officer confirmed that the KRA scanners have been given a clean bill of health and foodstuffs are subjected to radio-analysis to ensure that they are not contaminated from other sources.

Port officials however say that the scanning process at the port is a reason for Kenyans to be careful about their consumption of imported food.