Increase your fibre intake to slim down

  • PublishedFebruary 27, 2017


Onions, leeks and asparagus could be some of the best weight management allies you may have due to their high-soluble fibre content, according to research. While fibre helps fill you up, research on inulin, a soluble fibre found in some vegetables, shows fibre’s other benefits. When mice were given an inulin supplement, they ate less food and gained less weight than when they had a cellulose supplement (found mostly in wholegrains). The researchers found the benefit was due to a chemical called acetate, which is formed when bacteria break down soluble fibre in the bowel. Acetate appears to communicate anti-hunger messages to the brain. Jerusalem artichoke, garlic and bananas also contain inulin so make them part of your diet.

Published March 2017

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