Involuntary Semen Emission: Man’s Hidden Nuisance

  It’s embarrassing. No one wants to talk about it, least of all the culprits. Involuntary semen emission also called nocturnal emission during sleep may also happen during the day

Involuntary Semen Emission: Man’s Hidden Nuisance
  • PublishedDecember 3, 2014


It’s embarrassing. No one wants to talk about it, least of all the culprits. Involuntary semen emission also called nocturnal emission during sleep may also happen during the day and isn’t something to write home about. But it happens and tears apart the sufferer’s mind. Am normal?’ Is the question always uppermost in his mind. Woe unto him if it has reached a point where it diminishes the sexual urge.

‘It doesn’t happen when it is supposed to and surges like an el-Niño flood when it’s not supposed to. What do I tell my partner?’ the mind rages on.

And that’s not the only thing he has to contend with; what with pain in the small of the back, pain in the head, fatigue and not being able to exert himself physically and mentally?

As the emissions increase in frequency, sexual enjoyment diminishes and he goes through episodes of dizziness, sight weakness, trembling in the limbs like an alcoholic, heaviness in the chest, heart palpitations, and indigestion. His world literally gets turned upside down. The feeling of hopelessness stalks him by the minute.

At this point he almost gives up in life. He develops an unsteady gait, experiences wandering pains in various parts of the body, becomes withdrawn – shunning society because he imagines that others see and recognise the cause of his difficulty. In fact, his mental state borders on mild insanity.

And if he has inherited a disposition to certain nervous diseases – epilepsy for instance, he’s far more frequently affected with seminal emissions than others. He believes without a shred of doubt, that he’s cursed.

But wait a minute! Embarrassing it is but not a death warrant. True, if prolonged, the emissions may lead to several health disorders like weakening of pelvic muscles, weak erections and infertility. However, if he understands what’s happening then he can at least cope and in fact, with time, walk over the habit.

His body has excessive accumulation of sperms that have to emit somehow. What he’s suffering from is spermatorrhoe, a common condition among teenagers and some adults. He’s therefore one of the unlucky few with physical and psychological disposition to this condition.

Doctors agree that spermatorrhoe is a symptom of several afflictions that may be located in the genital organs or may affect other parts of the body especially the nervous system and spinal cord. In most cases it is simply a nervous disease, and is accompanied by numerous other symptoms that indicate feebleness of the nervous system.

On the other hand, among the psychological causes is constant indulgence of the imagination in immoral thoughts. This, especially when combined with unsatisfied sexual excitement, induces an irritability of the organs that finally results in the escape of the seminal fluid upon slight provocation.

Additionally, it is most frequently induced by masturbation. When this habit is stopped the individual usually suffers from involuntary emissions instead of those that he had formerly emitted voluntarily.

There are also several other causes that may act in stimulating seminal emissions in cases where no disease of the sexual organs exists. Sometimes an unusual formation of the organ is a source of constant irritation that provokes emissions. One of the most frequent of these is an unnatural tightness of the foreskin, whereby the secretion formed beneath it can’t escape, and being retained irritates the inner surface. An unnatural narrowness of the urethral opening may also cause constant irritation and seminal losses.

Treatment involves finding the root cause of the problem and eliminating it. Doctors search for injuries or trauma in both body and mind. Alternatives like Kegel exercises are taught to help the man control himself. The doctor also prescribes medicine to smooth constipation along with change in diet.

Increase in physical activities will help building up the flexibility of the muscles. Checks for prostate related diseases are carried out along with a test to ensure Cowper’s gland is working fine. Thus all is not lost. There is a hope and a future for you if you follow expert advice.

Published in December 2014


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