It’s a New Day, it’s a New Year, it’s a New You

It’s a New Day, it’s a New Year, it’s a New You
  • PublishedJanuary 5, 2024

As the calendar turns to a new page, New Year’s Day stands as a beacon of renewal and hope. And I can already hear you complain about how debt hasn’t been reset, how the economy is still bad or even how this only means getting back to work, but that’s not what New Year’s is about. This annual milestone is steeped in symbolism, often perceived as a moment of rebirth, offering you a chance to start afresh. It’s not just about changing dates; it’s about embracing the opportunity to reset our lives, to reflect on our past actions, and to set a course for a future we desire, remember when they said that the start of something is as important as the end?

The tradition of celebrating and making New Year’s resolutions is a testament to the human spirit’s resolve to seek continuous improvement. It’s a practice that reinforces the belief that we can change, grow, and become better than we were. A chance for you to look into the mirror and make that change. And the best way to do this is to start with resolutions, being more intentional with your time and plans. These resolutions serve as a compass for our willpower, channeling our focus towards personal growth and fulfillment.

Resolutions hold a mirror to our deepest desires for personal development and well-being. They are powerful because they represent a commitment to change, the things we want most, a scaffold upon which we can build a sturdier version of ourselves. When we set resolutions, we engage in an act of hope and determination. This annual ritual is not just about the goals themselves, but about instilling a mindset geared towards positive change. They shape our mentalities by encouraging a forward-thinking attitude, fostering resilience, and instilling a sense of purpose and direction. Basically a conversation with yourself where you affirm and communicate with yourself what you want and how you intend to achieve that. A woman or man with a plan.

Crafting Resolutions that Resonate

To make resolutions

To make resolutions that truly resonate and lead to transformation, they need to be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

  1. Specific: Vague goals are hard to achieve because, are you sure you can explain them?. Instead of resolving to “get fit,” decide exactly how you will achieve this, for how long, and what the goal is. Are you looking to bulk up or bulk down? Are you looking to tone up or build on your endurance? Will you join a gym, start a home workout regimen, or perhaps train for a 5K?
  2. Measurable: Attach numbers to your goals; numbers don’t lie after all. If you want to read more, set a target for the number of books you’ll read each month. This makes your progress quantifiable, and there’s nothing more rewarding and encouraging than progress you can monitor, watching yourself get better and better.
  3. Achievable: While it’s good to be ambitious, your goals should also be realistic. Setting the bar too high can lead to discouragement and abandonment of your resolutions. Somewhere in between, without progress that can be quantified and whose end goal is vague and too far in the distance, your concentration span breaks, you lose drive, and you give up. One step at a time.
  4. Relevant: Your goals should be long-term and your resolutions should be meaningful to you. Select objectives that will significantly affect your life and general well-being. The goal of resolutions is to get better at the things you are already doing. Minimal progress metrics enhance your personality, health, and productivity, like tiny rivers flowing into the ocean.
  5. Time-bound: Set deadlines for your resolutions. Without a timeframe, there’s no sense of urgency, which can lead to procrastination. Because a year feels too long, you are lost in the illusion that you do have time when, in reality, you do not. If anything 2023 taught us is that time moves fast, be ready and prepare adequately.

But how do you come up with the best resolutions for you?

  1. Reflect on the past year: Consider both your achievements and the areas where you faced challenges. This reflection will provide a foundation for setting meaningful goals. What would you have done differently? What will you do differently?
  2. Identify key areas of growth: Focus on areas of your life where improvement will lead to significant personal development or happiness. Anything that builds on your character and productivity will cumulatively support growth in every other aspect of your life, be it family, work, or even your social life.
  3. Be intentional with your goals: Choose resolutions that resonate with your values and what you want to stand for. Intent is a projection of our dreams; make your dreams come true bit by bit by making resolutions that are YOU.
  4. Write them down: Articulating your goals in writing makes them more tangible and commits them to memory. I promise it will be insanely satisfying to tick items off your notebook of resolutions. You know those oddly satisfying perfect slicing videos? Only better.
  5. Create a plan: Break down each resolution into actionable steps. Having a clear plan will make your resolutions less daunting. The easier it feels, the more encouraging it is to attempt it.
  6. Share your resolutions: Telling friends or family about your goals can create a support system and hold you accountable.
  7. Review regularly: Set aside time each week or month to assess your progress. This will help you stay on track and make adjustments as needed. This time will work as a reward time where you get to reward yourself for how well you’re doing and encourage yourself to do more.
By setting SMART resolutions, we give ourselves the best chance of success. New Year’s is a symbol of the potential we all have for reinvention and growth. As we draw near the end of our New Year’s contemplation, let’s not forget the little ones in our lives. Inviting our kids to the resolution-setting party can be a blast! It’s a chance to sit down with the family, over a spread of snacks or during a weekend breakfast huddle, and chat about dreams and goals. What better way to teach our kids about setting intentions and following through than by making it a family affair? We can guide them to think about what they’d love to learn or achieve, from mastering the monkey bars to reading a book a month. It’s not just about the goals themselves; it’s about instilling a sense of ambition and the sweet taste of success when they check off their own little accomplishments. Plus, it’s a golden opportunity for us to listen—really listen—to what’s ticking in those young minds and hearts.

With thoughtful resolutions, we can channel the spirit of the New Year into tangible progress that enriches our lives and bolsters our mental health. As we welcome 2024, let’s do so with intention, hope, and a commitment to actualizing our aspirations.
The ParentsAfrica family wishes you a wonderful and progressive New Year for both you and your loved ones.

Written By
Muinde Brian