Kenyan Celebrities who stood up Against Body Shaming

Body shaming is a culture that is so deeply-rooted in our society today that it has almost become a norm. In as much as most of us are victims of

  • PublishedDecember 7, 2018

Body shaming is a culture that is so deeply-rooted in our society today that it has almost become a norm. In as much as most of us are victims of this vice all of us have been or are still culprits whether intentional or unintentional.

Innocent statements like you have a pretty face for your size, you look fat or skinny in that outfit, unsolicited exercise or diet advice are just a few examples of body shaming.

Internet is the biggest platform where body shamers thrive striking their poor victims while hiding behind their screens. Celebrities all over the world are the biggest victims of the mean, arrogant, insensitive perpetrators of body shaming.

While some have been able to stand up to the bullies countless others have sunk in depression or even committed suicide.

We all know that Kenyans on social media can be ruthless. We can borrow a page from some of the Kenyan celebrities who were not afraid of calling out the body shamers on their vice.

Sharon Mundia


The popular YouTube vlogger and TV presenter popularly known as This is Ess posted a photo of her on her Instagram page that received a body shaming comment from her fan.

The fan commented “Aii mamii, you are getting too thin”.

She did not give the fan a chance to feel himself retorting with her comment, “Maybe you could write down the exact measurements that you would like my body to be and ill get to work on that as soon as I start to give a damn. Thanks.”

That was well put.

Pierra Makena

Criticizing a woman for post-pregnancy weight gain is total ignorance if not foolishness. After blogs and one magazine body shamed the sassy deejay for gaining some pounds after giving birth she had to remind them of the biological fact that is post-pregnancy weight gain.

Her post read, The last thing a person should tell a mother is how bad she looks. Putting her down is unfair and uncouth. And kudos to all women looking gorgeous and bringing up beautiful children. She also told the critics that she loved and is comfortable with her new body.

Willis Raburu

Willis bears witness that men too are not spared from the madness of body shaming. Body shamers have taken on him for years because of his body size being called fat, the elephant in the room and many other names.

The witty, humble presenter started a journey towards weight loss but was keen to remind the mean critics that he was doing it because of his health as adviced by his doctor and not due to their arrogant body shaming.

You can also tell that the ten over ten host does not give a damn about the negative critics as he excitedly goes on doing what he does best.

Kirigo Ngarua


The former Citizen TV news anchor clapped back at a fan who commented on a photo posted by her friend Jacky Maribe telling her that she needed to go to the gym.

She could not tolerate the body shaming, replying to the comment. Kirigo said that she did not need the gym because she loves the zone that she is in.

Lilian Muli

After the Citizen TV news anchor posted her photo on social media after giving birth, while some fans were excited with how good she looked others could not hide their jealousy at her post pregnancy body. Accusing her of tucking in her tummy, Lilian retorted that she owes no one a perfect body.



The Nairobi diaries star was titty shamed and she did not fail to show that she does not care about what the bullies had to say . The reality star who is a proud mother reminded the critics that she breast fed for two years and therefore is not shy about her boobs sagging.

Terry Muikamba

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The classic 105 radio presenter was trolled for not having a flat tummy in a photo that she posted on social media. With other celebrities coming to her defense she also called out the body shamers saying that she is well aware of her flaws and she loves them. Unapologetic she did not hesitate to tell the critics that she loved her “potti” and will continue to post her photos as ugly as may they think they are.

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