Joy Maringa describes herself as a lip artist. Lip art is the art done on the lips, similar to drawing on canvas.

“I was drawn to lips because I find it interesting the kind of relationships people have with their lips,” says Joy.

“Some love them, some are uncomfortable with theirs.”

 While it’s easy to think she paints or draws on lips,  she only uses makeup, to come up with her designs.  

Photo Courtesy: Some of Maringa’s art

Calling herself an abstract thinker, she unsettled some folks when one of her collections featuring men wearing lipstick was posted on social media.

Art has nothing to do with gender and appreciating uniqueness is the best part of it. It seems weird to see a man in lipstick as the act may not be seen being manly.

If men can wear lipstick to model, it’s possible that with time some men would adopt the art of wearing lipstick. The world is changing and change is inevitable.