A Mathematics and Physics teacher from Keriko Mixed Day Secondary School in Nakuru, Peter Tabichi, has been awarded Ksh 100 million for being the world’s best teacher.


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Mr. Tabichi, a Franciscan brother, bagged the Global Teacher Prize award on Sunday in Dubai for his dedication to his career and his desire to help the poor.

“His dedication, hard work and passionate belief in his students’ talents have led his poorly-resourced school in remote-rural Kenya emerging victorious after taking on the country’s best schools in national science competitions,” the award sponsors, Varkey Foundation, pointed out.

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Keriko Secondary School, located in Pwani doesn’t have a library or an administration block. The school also has one laboratory which is used for all sciences. The current student – teacher ratio is 58:1.

Mr Tabichi’s desire to help the students in the rural areas achieve quality education and develop a liking for Sciences saw him start a Science club and encouraged students to maximise on the available resources. As a result, two of the students qualified for the Intel International Science Contest in Arizona, United States last year. This year, two more will be representing Kenya in the same Science contest. Consequently, 80 per cent of his income goes to the poor in his society.

“I grew up admiring to be a teacher. My father was one, my uncles and cousins too. I admired the impact they had in the society, and wanted to better their script,” said Mr. Tabichi.