Residents of Kitengela will buy water at 3 shillings per 20 litre can as opposed to the 50 shillings they have been buying at from local vendors.

This comes after the Ministry of Water and Sanitation  banned private vendors from supplying water to Kitengela and Athi River residents after a directive from President Uhuru Kenyatta a few weeks ago.

The government has allocated 10 million shillings to transfer water lines from Kyangombe Distribution Centre in  Kajiado County and will also spend 20 million shillings to put up 10 water kiosks in Kitengela and its environs.

Water and Sanitation Principal Secretary, Joseph Irungu, assured the residents that this would be done in a span of three weeks.

The PS added that Nairobi Water Company is the only company allowed to handle the water issue and ordered Export Processing Zone (EPZ) to stop selling water to the residents.


EPZ has been the main water supplier in the area. The ban means that the company may have to refund the deposit money paid for water meters to the house owners. It may also have to remove its private pipeline, which will prove to be very costly.