In the latest proposals by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), Kenyatta National Hospital staff are bound to get more than Sh200 million pay rise annually.

The proposed basic salary structure by SRC will form the basis for negotiations with unions representing KNH staff.

For the longest time, medical unions have been appealing to the Ministry of Health to harmonize salaries for health workers without any success.

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The proposals will be put in a collective bargaining agreement and registered in the Labour Relations Court.

Various cadres of staff will be assigned new grades due to the recent organizational restructuring that saw some roles merged, renamed or split into new ones.

According to the star, the new proposals which have been signed by the SRC CEO Anne Gitau, KNH office assistants will receive a basic salary of Sh33,152 which is a Sh10,000 salary increase.

Directors will be the greatest beneficiaries as their salaries will be increased by Sh61,000. Their current minimum salary is Sh193,873 and the proposed minimum will be Sh254,076 and the maximum Sh378,725.

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The CEO’s salary will remain at Sh560,000 while the new role of the senior director will get a minimum pay of Sh296,818.

Once the new proposals are adopted, chief specialists will earn a basic salary of Sh253,366 from their current Sh229,764. Chief managers, senior specialists, and deputy directors will earn a similar salary of Sh230,451.

The basic salary of managers, medical specialists and assistant directors will be raised by Sh19,000. The pay for principal, senior medical, and dental officers will increase by Sh10,000 from Sh76,334.

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Principal technologists will now earn Sh65,800 as senior technologists receive a raise of Sh6,000. Technologists, technicians, senior drivers and clerical officers will also get a raise of Sh6,000.

“For jobs whose current salaries are above the basic salary, retain the existing salary structure – with annual increments – until the next review cycle,” the SRC CEO said in a communication to Health PS Susan Mochache.

“All the other allowances and benefits to be paid as per existing government circulars,” the SRC CEO added.

Featured Image: Kenyatta National Hospital in partnership with Nursing Council of Kenya during a Zumba Session on May 28, 2020. [Source: KNH/Facebook]

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