KNUT decries killing, burning of teacher after poor results protest

  • PublishedJanuary 9, 2020

KNUT boss Wilson Sossion has spoken strongly against an incident in which a teacher was killed, then burnt to ashes after parents had protested bad results at the school she taught in.

Daisy Mbathe Mbaluka who taught at  Ndooni Primary School in Kitui was waylaid as she took her children to school, assaulted, and her body burnt to ashes.

Just the previous day, parents had attacked her and other teachers at her school, demanding that they be transferred over the poor results in the school. This incident draws suspicion on the identity of her murderers as it would seem her murder was carried out by a section of disgruntled parents.

This is the stance Kenya National Union of Teachers took in his statement to media outlets:

“For unknown reasons, parents invaded the school, evicted the teacher, and later ambushed her while she was taking her children to school, killing her instantly, and setting her body aflame,” he said.

He has asked the Ministy of Education to provide security for other teachers, while at the same time asking investigators to leave no stone unturned, so the incident can serve as a lesson to the rest.

“Parents who killed Mbaluka should be investigated, arrested, charged and convicted according to the law of the land. No stone should be left unturned as we have witnessed such ugly incidences in North Eastern Region, North Rift, Western Region and South Nyanza,” he stated.

The headteacher of the school has since reported a statement with the police.

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