The Ministry of Education has announced that primary public schools  will get one computer laboratory as opposed to the issuance of tablets for class one pupils.

Education Principal Secretary, Bellio Kipsang sad that construction of the labs was part two of the digital literacy programme and will be effected in the 25,000 primary schools across Kenya.

“There has been a policy change in programme from one-child-one-laptop to the construction of computer laboratories for ICT integration,” said Kipsang while presenting the budgetary proposals to the National Assembly’s Education Committee.

According to a report by the Ministry of Education in December 2018, implementation of the programme has stalled with uptake standing at a measly  five per cent.

“While supply and installation in schools stands at approximately 95 per cent nationally, implementation ails at five per cent in terms of  utilisation of the equipment,” read part of the report.

During rollout in May 2016, the initial plan was to issue laptops but due to cost implications, it was switched to tablets.