Long time sweethearts finally wed

Justus Owaka, 30, a media personality, and Gladys Gero Owaka, 26, a teacher, began their friendship over nine years ago. Over time this friendship blossomed into a deep love that

  • PublishedJune 13, 2014

Justus Owaka, 30, a media personality, and Gladys Gero Owaka, 26, a teacher, began their friendship over nine years ago. Over time this friendship blossomed into a deep love that saw them tie the knot in August this year. They share their beautiful love story with ESTHER KIRAGU.

Justus and Gladys met in 2003 through Justus’ cousin, Brenda, who was also a friend and desk mate of Gladys in high school. “I met Justus when I visited my friend at her home during one of the school holidays when I was in form three. I recall feeling shy and didn’t want to get inside the house where Justus was seated. Instead, I pulled Brenda out of the house so we could share a typical teenage conversation in the absence of this stranger,” recalls Gladys.

“I was fascinated by the beauty and smile of this girl standing at the door. So drawn was I that when my cousin returned to the house I posed several questions regarding her friend. I wanted to know everything about her. Brenda had no peace until she agreed to make it possible for me to see her friend again. From then on, she would organize for Gladys to visit her and ensure I was present,” says Justus.

During these visits, the three of them would engage in general conversations and before long a friendship started developing between Justus and Gladys. Gladys, a strong Christian, invited Brenda and Justus to an overnight prayer meeting (Kesha) on December 31, 2003 where Justus re-committed his life to Christ. “I was attracted to the relationship Gladys had with God despite being a teenager and wanted to be like her,” says Justus.

The dating…

Justus and Gladys remained in touch during school term through letters and occasionally Justus would tag along as his aunt went to visit Brenda. Justus’s family was happy with the blossoming relationship but Gladys’ parents wanted her to concentrate in school and not in a relationship, arguing she was not ready.

Young, naive and unsure of their feelings Gladys and Justus severally broke up but somehow always returned to each other. With time they realized they were in love with each other and resolved to work on the relationship. After high school, Gladys joined the University of Nairobi, Kikuyu campus and this was the time their love was completely sealed. Justus visited her frequently and also supported her. They worked through their differences and areas of conflict, as they wanted their relationship to succeed.

Proposal and wedding…

By early this year, Justus and Gladys knew without a doubt that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. They informed their parents of their intentions and got their blessings. Justus then proposed to Gladys in the presence of her family and friends and when she agreed to marry him wedding arrangements started, culminating in a beautiful wedding on August 11, 2012 at Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM), Karen, followed by a reception at the same venue.  The couple settled on purple, black, silver and white for their theme colours to bring out variety and still look splendid.

Their wedding cost Ksh 550,000, which they financed through savings and contributions from friends and family. “We got services from friends at a reasonable cost and were amazed at how everything turned out beautifully. The highlight of the day was seeing our friends and family turn up to enjoy and celebrate our union,” says the couple.

They spent their one-week honeymoon at The Hilton Hotel in Mauritius – an all expense paid wedding gift from a friend.  “Ours was a wedding full of God’s favour,” says the couple in conclusion.

We wish them a happy life together.

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