Look glamorous in short-cropped hairstyles

Hairstyles come and go but the chic, short-cropped look has refused to go away. A crop is a hairstyle worn with the hair cut very close to the head. You

  • PublishedMay 9, 2014

Hairstyles come and go but the chic, short-cropped look has refused to go away. A crop is a hairstyle worn with the hair cut very close to the head. You will most likely spot this hairstyle with many fashion conscious women. The short-crop hairstyle emphasises femininity particularly when done by a professional. The beauty of this style is that it is easy to maintain.

To get the perfect crop, get a creative stylist who will give you an ideal cut, shape and style depending on your facial features. If you are tall and slender, avoid very short haircuts. For short people, a stylish bob cut would look beautiful on you. Cutting your hair may not be a simple decision to make thus you need to be sure that is what you want. You can seek advice from your hairstylist on your desired new look even before you actually get it done.

Ensure your stylist examines your hair before rushing you to the shampoo station. For the perfect look, the stylist needs to assess your hair’s condition and discuss how many inches of hair to take off before starting to snip away. Also, ask for styling advice and the products needed for maintenance, since most cuts only look good when appropriately styled. Do not leave the salon unless you are sure you can recreate the same look at home.

When explaining the haircut you desire to your stylist, do not fix your hopes on pictures of models you have seen on magazines, Internet or billboards. Your idea should be to look at models whose facial features are almost similar to yours – head, skin tone, hair texture among others, if you want to duplicate the kind of style they have. It is vital to explain to your hairstylist the length of hair you want left using your hands as opposed to inches. This makes it easier to understand. If you want to enhance your hair cut, get the right streaks of the right hair colour.

Benefits of wearing short hair…

Health. Short hair looks healthier compared to long, dull hair with split ends. To maintain short hair, one needs to trim it regularly, which leaves no room for split ends.

Younger look. A good haircut can make you look younger, as the softer shape of short hair makes wrinkles less obvious while the straight lines of long hair emphasise them. Short hair can take at least five years off your face, giving you a youthful look, no matter what you are wearing.

Less maintenance. Long hair requires more maintenance than short hair. This is because before you leave the house, you must brush it nicely, style it, tie it and sometimes even set it for a perfect look. This can be quite a pain especially when you are doing physical exercises. On the other hand, short hair requires less maintenance and styling.

Flaunting aspect. With short hair, you can put to full use hair accessories, which in most cases do not suit long hair. There are many colourful, stylish and vibrant clips and bands that can make you stand out in a crowd. Additionally, with the short-cropped look you can show off your jewellery, which gets more exposed making it striking.

Fewer tangles. Long hair frequently gets tangled and needs to be brushed often but with a cropped hairstyle, you can easily manage it using your fingers to straighten any tangles since it rarely gets messed up.

Since you now know what is required of short hair, go ahead and rock that short –cropped trendy hairstyle.

Published on October 2013

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