Love awakened at an unlikely time

When Michel Jerry Angira, 26, and Maureen Joan Angira, 24, met, they both had made a resolve to keep off relationships. They share their love story with LAURA KIBIRU at

  • PublishedAugust 22, 2014

When Michel Jerry Angira, 26, and Maureen Joan Angira, 24, met, they both had made a resolve to keep off relationships. They share their love story with LAURA KIBIRU at Mombasa where they reside.

“She dumped me a day before my birthday!” recalls Michel, feigning anger. “My husband has many fans, especially ladies,” explains Maureen, as the couple laughs unison.

Michel is an entertainment consultant and a former radio presenter at Baraka FM. His wife, Maureen, is a receptionist at Serena Beach Hotel, Mombasa. Michel is well known at the Coast, especially in the entertainment circles as his work comes with an array of fans.

The two had already started dating when, during a karaoke show, two female fans started outdoing each other by singing scandalously to woo Michel. “When I learnt about the incident, I concluded that he was not serious with our relationship,” she adds. She ended the relationship, leaving Michel to celebrate his birthday the next day, with a broken heart. “I now understand his work comes with its fair share of female admirers,” says Maureen with an assuring smile.

The encounter

The couple first met in early 2010 at a party in a restaurant in Mombasa. “His voice was familiar but I could not recollect where I had heard it,” she recalls. At the time Michel, a presenter in a local radio station had vowed to stay away from relationships, as he had been involved in a messy one. Maureen on the other hand was also off the dating scene. “I spotted Maureen and her beauty and attitude were irresistible. I could not help but try to get her through her cousin who gave me her number,” says Michel, full of admiration for his lovely wife.

Days later Michel was involved in a freak accident that almost cost him his leg. A technical oversight got him electrocuted while working as a DJ in an event. He underwent surgery to insert metal plates in his toes. Maureen’s cousin informed her of the mishap and she was sympathetic enough to visit him in hospital.

“When I left hospital, Maureen would check on me at home and often brought me chicken pie,” says Michel with obvious love and gratitude to his wife. “Her concern for my wellbeing was genuine and she was there for me in my lowest moments, which made our friendship special,” he adds.

With time, Michel’s attraction to Maureen grew with certainty that made him rethink his previous decision of not getting into any serious relationship. He asked her out on May 21, 2010. Interestingly, Maureen had her terms and conditions, “She told me that if I played with her feelings, she would end the relationship”, explains Michel. “But he was very patient with me and overlooked my flaws,” she adds as she glances at her husband.

Sadly, June 8, 2010 saw the passing of Maureen’s mother. Michel was a great source of comfort for her. The whole experience assured Maureen of Michel’s unfailing love for her.

The engagement

The couple got engaged on May 14, 2011, a month before the birth of their son Myles Munroe Angira. The proposal was secretly planned to be part of a house warming and baby shower party. “She almost gulped the ring I had put in the glass, I had to stop her,” he recalls, as the couple laughs warmly.

The couple’s love story culminated in a beautiful beach wedding on December 9, 2011 at Pangoni Beach Resort and Spa. The beachfront service and garden reception made the event extraordinary. “It was a great day for us,” the couple says with beaming smiles.

We wish them God’s blessings in their marriage.

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