Love brewed on YouTube

For lovebirds David, 38, and Sabrina Ramogi, 29, theirs is a journey that started with a YouTube video. They share with STEVEN OBUDO the story of their unique meet-up and

Love brewed on YouTube
  • PublishedJune 6, 2022

For lovebirds David, 38, and Sabrina Ramogi, 29, theirs is a journey that started with a YouTube video. They share with STEVEN OBUDO the story of their unique meet-up and how divine help played into their love story.

Going down a YouTube rabbit hole often leads to nothing but a ‘how did I get here?’  For Sabrina, a singer cum lawyer, it led to a husband. Just like a multitude of Kenyans, Sabrina was bit by the Just a waybug – a hit cover song by Gittx, Bire and Israel back in August 2016. Prompted by her love for the song, she went on a YouTube spiral to find more of their songs and in the process bumped into a video of David Ramogi.

“I came across a clip of David on K24 and I recognised him as the guy who sells CDs outside I-Max cinema along Moi Avenue,” she shares.

This egged her to watch the video and was instantly touched by the story of his struggle to get his music out there. Eventually subdued by the nagging feeling to let him know she was praying for him, she reached out through the contact information on his social media. This kind act would win David’s heart.

“When she called at 10pm to tell me that she wanted to pray with me, I was touched,” says David, a chef and rapper.

Smitten by her kindness, David made it his mission to keep in touch, something that Sabrina found strange. She wanted a platonic relationship, but it was obvious he wanted more. Nonetheless, she prayed and asked God to show her whether he was the one – a prayer David had coincidentally also made.

Soon after, they agreed to work on a song together. This simultaneously acted as their first meet-up. As expected, there was a delicate mix of excitement and anxiety having been in constant communication for weeks. Each of them was also on the lookout for the telltale signs of a partner especially since they had both asked for divine help in figuring out if they were meant for each other.

Lucky for them, the answer came sooner than they expected for the chemistry between them was electric from the moment they laid their eyes on each other. This chemistry was palpable in their conversation and in the studio as they worked on their song. David did not want to waste any more time and after leaving the studio, he called Sabrina and professed his love for her, a sentiment she shared as well.

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What would follow was a relationship so steadfast and fast-tracked so much so that David met Sabrina’s parents within a week. Surprisingly, both were swept away by him, which was nothing short of divine intervention considering Sabrina’s father isn’t usually easy to impress. He took to David so fast that by the end of the night, he was already calling him son.

The runway seemed clear for them to takeoff and thus on October 2, 2016, after two months of dating, David officially proposed to Sabrina in church.

Despite facing the expected challenges in planning a wedding including finances and balancing both traditional African traditions and Christian practices, the lovebirds managed to put together a lovely wedding on July 10, 2017. Two-and-a-half years later, they largely advocate for keeping romance alive every day to avoid falling into a marital rut.

“Additionally, learn how to solve your issues together and avoid involving third parties,” they say.

This article was first published in the February Issue of Parents Magazine


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