A couple gave literal meaning to the phrase ‘Love is in the air’  when they decided to have their wedding in a plane. Whilst the most popular wedding venue remains the church, people have gotten a bit more creative over the years, this couple took it to another level. Couples are no longer dictated by tradition, rather they pick venues  based on their interests. A perfect example is David and Cathy Valliant, who had a beautiful wedding ceremony 37,000 feet in the air.

David and Cathy Valliant

David and Cathy met while playing Airport City – an online computer game. While this might seem an unusual place to find love, these two are no ordinary couple. From the onset, they had one thing in common – their love for aviation. They would however only meet two years later at Sydney Airport.

According to them, their love for aviation brought them together. They have harbored this love in their hearts right up to the day they got married. What better way to seal your love for each other than having your wedding where it all started!

Love is in the air!

While planning their wedding, Cathy and David wanted their home countries represented. Cathy is from New Zealand while David is Australian. They thus got married on a full flight from New Zealand to Australia. The people on board included the groom and bride’s friends and family. Instead of going for a priest to officiate the ceremony, they opted for an air hostess. The newly weds are happily settled in Melbourne, Australia but still visit the airport frequently.

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