• PublishedOctober 27, 2016

Isaac Njue and Lucy Muthoni were classmates in a primary school in Njoro in Nakuru County. Back then, they never knew their destinies would be so uniquely tied together and forever, so to speak. That is in partly due to the fact that at some point, Isaac transferred schools and Lucy’s family eventually relocated to Botswana where she completed her high school education. In 2005, prior to commencing her university studies in New Zealand, Lucy came back to Kenya to spend some time with relatives.

“I was staying with relatives in Njoro when I started fellowshipping at the AIC Njoro Church. It was then that I bumped into Isaac and his family,” shares Lucy.

The duo rekindled their friendship but for Isaac, something more than friendship had been ignited. “I recognised Lucy from the moment I saw her. I also recognised the fact that she had grown so beautiful,” Isaac explains.

With time, the attraction became mutual and the couple found themselves at crossroads because in just a short time, Lucy would be leaving for New Zealand. Isaac decided to make his move.

“We wanted to attend an overnight New Year’s party but our parents would never allow us to go out, let alone overnight. We tried to incorporate our siblings so that it would look like a group event but our parents still refused. So we did the next best thing: we sneaked out and went to the party anyway. It was then I asked Lucy if she would be my girlfriend,” confesses Isaac.

Lucy said yes but the relationship was short lived as soon thereafter, Lucy left for New Zealand. The couple swore to keep their love alive through e-mails but despite their devotion to each other, the communication slowly fizzled out.

In 2013, Isaac felt ready to settle down and his mind kept drifting to Lucy. Ignoring the cold embers of their previous relationship, he reached out to her online and soon the couple started communicating consistently. In 2014, Lucy revealed that she was coming to Kenya for a visit and Isaac knew this was his chance to clarify if Lucy was the one.

“I was a nervous wreck. I was mesmerised. I was in love. Would the chemistry we had on phone and Skype translate into the real thing once we met face to face?” wondered Isaac.

When Lucy arrived at the airport, every doubt Isaac had disappeared. He knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was the one. On July 9, 2015, Isaac flew to Australia where Lucy had now relocated to,with a surprise in tow.

“I was nervous as I had invited some of my family members along to meet Isaac for the very first time. I wanted Isaac and my family to like each other. The last thing I expected was for Isaac to bring the whole airport to a stop.

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