Man mourns heavily pregnant wife killed in fatal Thika road accident

  • PublishedSeptember 12, 2017

A very heartbroken man is mourning the death of his pregnant wife who passed away in the tragic road accident along the Thika Super Highway.

Carol Ngatia was expecting a child in a week’s time.

The husband to the late Carol paid a heart touching tribute to his wife on Facebook which read:

“Babe, I don’t know if anyone can relate to what I am feeling right now. Tears, so much sorrow and bitterness, but who I’m I to question what God had in store for you. We were just newly married 8months down the line but having known you for the last 5years.

We were expecting our baby girl next week, ohh the dreams we had for our perfect family. But, yesterday you boarded the ill fated MSL and you were involved in the thika road accident. They managed to get you to KNH and immediately you were admitted into the theatre.

The doctors tried to save you since our daughter had already perished in the tragedy, but you succumbed to your injuries. My lovely wife, the journey was tough but you know together we made it through. Yesterday will be a day that I will forever imprint in my mind as the day I lost 2 of my baby girls at once. This is tragic but one thing I’m thanking God for is for the memories that we made together. Though I know your body is in a cold place now, your soul is in the warm presence of the Lord. I’m in so much grief Love, losing you is a kick to my heart and soul. Wish I was able to turn back time and take your place so that at least our daughter would have survived and a constant reminder of our love would at least be visible.

But all in all, God tells us in every situation we should give thanks. Shine on your way momma and baby girls. May you Rest In Peace. Forever in my heart.”

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