The night before his first day at a new job, Walter Carr’s car broke down. But the determined man left his hometown of Homewood, Alabama and walked about 32 kilometers to get to work in Pelham.

Carr’s dedication did not go unnoticed. In fact, when the CEO of the company, Luke Marklin found out that the boy had walked for an entire night to get to work, he was so impressed that he gave Carr his own car.

According to reports, Marklin, who is the CEO of a moving company called ‘Bellhop’ in Birmingham, Alabama, told Carr that he hoped the car would serve the latter as well as it had served him and is family.

Not surprisingly, the incident went viral on social media with people lauding the CEO for his gesture as well as the Carr’s dedication toward his job.

Carr who is a college student from New Orleans started walking at midnight from Homewood and walked about 20 miles before reaching Pelham at dawn.

He was then picked up by some police officers who delivered him to his destination. Marklin found out about the incident when the the woman whose furniture Carr was moving in Pelham wrote a Facebook post about the incident.